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From: Arun Isaac <>
To: Jack Hill <>, Ricardo Wurmus <>
Subject: Re: Mumi now uses raw emails and Mu
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 23:24:20 +0530	[thread overview]
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> With the currently deployed mumi, it looks like my mails in
> are still mangling the '’' after 
> Ludo, but in a different way than before.

Like Ricardo said, this is indeed a bug in guile-email, the same bug you
reported earlier, in fact. I haven't fixed it yet, but I'm working on
it. The fix is a little more involved than I expected. Currently,
guile-email takes the entire email as a string, parses it and returns
the results. This constrains all characters in the email to have the
same encoding (specifically the charset in email terminology). But, an
email can have characters of different encodings. Therefore it must be
treated as a string of bytes not a string of characters.

> place for me to start trying to debug and learning the mail processing 
> code paths in mumi.

Parsing the email is done by guile-email. I only have a little
documentation at this point (you can find it at So, you'll mostly have to
read the source code. There is a mailing list at Feel free to post any guile-email bugs or
questions to that list.

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